Safety Culture Assessment


Our Safety Culture Assessment measures employee perceptions of 14 safety issues and safety management systems scientifically linked to safety outcomes. It also measures 5 attitudes traditionally associated with overall job performance.

  • Safety Support
  • Open Communication
  • Safety Accountability
  • Safety Recognition
  • Coworker Relations
  • Supervisor Support
  • Supervisor Safety Knowledge
  • Cause of Accidents
  • Profit vs. Safety
  • Safety Meetings
  • Safety Training
  • Incident Investigations
  • Unsafe Act Reporting
  • Work Planning Initiatives
  • Overall Job Satisfaction
  • Organizational Commitment
  • Job Engagement
  • Turnover Intentions
  • Recommendation

What Makes Our Assessment Unique

  • Based on empirical research of employee attitudes and performance
  • Verbiage can be customized to the needs of individual worksites
  • Focuses on the human element of safety culture, not just the technical components

Assessment Benefits

  • Actionable, benchmarked, results-oriented data
  • Site-level safety culture comparisons
  • Can be used to measure the effectiveness of existing safety improvement efforts

Content and Length

The Assessment consists of 60 questions. Most respondents complete the assessment in about 20 minutes.


Simply invite your employees to complete the Assessment online by sending them a link we provide or distribute hard copies to employees to complete and return to us in an anonymous, confidential manner.


Once all data have been collected, we will analyze it and generate a written report. We will then deliver this report within five business days. Optionally, one of our consultants can visit your worksite to make a presentation and facilitate discussion regarding the development of a safety culture improvement plan based on your findings.

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