Error Reduction Training


Around 80% of all workplace accidents are caused by human error. Error reduction training is designed to help employees commit fewer mistakes at work. It is conducted in the classroom and focuses on safety and performance improvement at the worker level.

Training Approach

Our error reduction training approach is based on scientific research on human error, real-world experiences in high-risk/high-reliability work environments and error reduction models validated by the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the API. After applying our training content to their daily work activities, employees are likely to engage in safer work practices and improve their overall job performance.

​About Our Trainers

The study of safety and human performance within the field of Military Aviation is well funded and mature. From a training standpoint, the real challenge is communicating this information to trainees in a way where they will transfer it back to the job.

Led by Colonel Kelly Sullivan, our instructor team of fighter pilots is highly effective at garnering audience engagement, a critical determinant of knowledge acquisition. Each instructor is experienced in carrying out high-risk military operations where sound planning and attention to detail are critical to operational success. They understand the process of working safely and recognize the negative consequences of cutting corners. This combination of real-world military experience and safety knowledge makes them highly effective at teaching others how to minimize errors within a variety of stressful and complex work environments.

Error Reduction Courses

We offer five core error reduction training courses. Each course focuses on a strategic topic or method scientifically proven to have a positive impact on error reduction. Most courses are delivered onsite and last approximately 45 minutes.

  • Stop Work Authority
  • Inadequate Real-Time Risk Assessment / OODA Loop
  • Mistake Proofing Military Aviation Style
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Stress and Fatigue Management

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