HSE Coaching


Our coaches provide support, advice, and guidance to clients on all HSE related matters. They also assist in implementing onsite HSE operational initiatives.

Coaching Approach

Our coaching approach is structured and need-based.  

  • We meet with the client to identify the key HSE consulting tasks to be performed, as well as any worksite-specific safety and performance areas that need to be addressed (e.g., attention to detail, fighting complacency).  
  • We work the client to generate a HSE coaching curriculum.
  • The coach visits the worksite and executes the curriculum.
  • At the end of the session, the coach meets with the worksite’s management team to discuss the session’s events and review a prepared feedback report.

Coaching Curriculum

The coaching curriculum plays a critical role in the coaching sessions. It provides direction and scope control. It focuses the session around specific target areas of improvement. It is not designed to grade or evaluate individuals, but it does provide the client with an objective means to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the training effort.

What Makes Our Coaches Unique

Our coaches are more than just technically qualified. They know how to relate to others. They possess a wide range of life and work experience outside of coaching. They are compassionate. They are measured and thoughtful. They observe before they act. They listen before they talk. They communicate clear expectations. They hold others accountable in a non-threatening, supportive manner. They are patient and aware of different learning styles. They encourage feedback from employees at all levels.

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